The Light of Darkness: Dialogues in Death

Collected Short Stories

When Roy Teel tells a story he tells it with passion and emotional candor. Eavesdrop on the conversation betlofdcoverween young lovers embroiled in the bitter decision to end a pregnancy; follow the boy (now man) left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life to keep a promise made years earlier.

Teel’s characters never take the high road; each narrator walks you through life’s trials and tragedies with a knowing eye. His compelling prose brings the struggles of his characters to life: You feel what they feel.

Whether it is fear of approaching death, remorseful cries of anguish for words unspoken, or the reality of being alone after a struggle with mortality has ended, Teel shows you the devastation and joys and leaves you with a way to move on. He even shows an escape from financial ruin through an unlikely source. Teel gives each character a unique voice, and the stories carry you from one to the next with their hints of hope despite drastic situations.

In the end readers realize they have just had a conversation with death in and through the stories. Enter hesitant and curious and emerge encouraged and enlightened about your own mortality — and the mortality of those you love and those you don’t.

The Light of Darkness takes you through the shadow lands of the author’s imagination, leaving you with both an express appreciation for life and an understanding of its inevitable end.