Against the Grain

The American Mega-Church and Its Culture of Control

How can something meant for such good go so bad?

Against the Grain

Against the Grain takes you inside the mega-church machine. It dissects the structure of these monolithic temples (claimed to be dedicated to God) and shows them for what they really are: huge mega-businesses that survive by using fear, guilt and psychological terror to control their followers.

Against the Grain reveals the often unknown mission of these Goliaths of God and the dark recesses of the church, and it explores the psychology they use to manipulate and control their congregations.

This book shows the power that the church has over all aspects of American life, whether you are Christian or not. These churches and their followers shape the country and world that we live in. How? Against the Grain takes you behind the scenes and allows you to read, feel and experience the Christian mega-church step by step.

In a pointed look at church aspects that no one wants to talk about, Against the Grain challenges readers to see for themselves what these churches really are, as well as the message they propogate to an oftentimes unwitting audience.

Against the Grain gives a fresh, bold perspective on the American mega-church and shows the flaws, power and control of these institutions created by humans in the name of God.

Why? The idea of faith must be restored. For those who feel trapped, Against the Grain brings hope for an intellectual rejuvenation that dispels and dismisses the mythology and dogma of these houses of the Holy, and frees their believers of guilt so they can be inspired to learn what it is they truly believe in — and why.