The Way, The Truth, and The Lies
– Signed Hardcover


A hardcover book signed by the author and personalized.

by Roy A Teel Jr.

This release contains a new forward by the author 2020, for it’s fifteenth anniversary.


Back Matter:

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me.” –John 14:6

those simple words Jesus of Nazareth set into motion a religion that has won converts and conquered nations for over 2000 years. But did Jesus actually say those words?
Did His many miracles happen the way that the Gospel writers describe them? Did Jesus really give the strict moral code that Christians labor under and rule by today?

The Bible says no.

In this controversial and groundbreaking new look at Jesus of Nazareth’s life and ministry, Reverend Roy A. Teel Jr. takes his readers on a journey through the New Testament Gospels and reveals conflicts and questions the Bible itself poses about Jesus and His true message.

Was Jesus really born of a virgin?
What did Jesus do before His ministry?
Could Jesus have been married?
Did Jesus really do all those miracles?
Did Jesus really dictate that His followers “eat His flesh and drink His blood”?
What really happened to Jesus at the Passion?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

The Way, the Truth, and the Lies cuts through these oft-repeated myths to reveal a remarkably human Jesus. It breaks down the walls that have separated believers from nonbelievers to show Jesus’ true message to humanity–a message so simple and so pure that He had to die for teaching it. The book is an inspiring look at the historic Jesus that will leave you hopeful and heartened…free of the guilt and separation imposed by centuries of biblical alterations, politically motivated rewrites, and a Gospel message crafted not by eyewitnesses (save one) but by master storytellers, scribes, and marketeers who weren’t even present during Jesus’ life and ministry.


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