And God Laughed
– eBook


by Roy A Teel Jr.

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Back Matter:

Imagine that you had the opportunity to speak to God and ask Him any questions that you want. What would you ask? After a visit to a local book sale in his small mountain town, that’s exactly what happens to Justin, a 30 something computer network engineer. The question that starts the tumult in his mind and emotions is, simply, “Does God Exist?” Justin and his fiancée Alex are reeling from a catastrophic situation that nearly leaves their life in ruins. Alex thinks that the conversations Justin is having with “God,” are internally manifested as a result of the trauma.

Encouraged by Alex, a child psychiatrist and atheist, he decides to seek out answers direct from the Divine and gets more than he bargained for. As Justin navigates the realm of Spirit, his world is turned upside down as he engages with God in deep question and answer sessions. There is little left off the table in these talks with God, and with each conversation his personal system of belief, founded in Christianity, begins to unravel. Justin delves into the nether regions of the workings of God and His interaction with man, confronting the deepest mysteries that haunt the human mind, mortal flesh and the Spirit realm in life and death.

“And God Laughed” is the fictional conversation between one man and the Designer of the Universe, which shakes the very bedrock of all religions, not just his own. His thought-provoking conversations with the Divine will have you questioning your own closely-held dogma, lead you down a road of self-discovery, and allow you to find more freedom within your own beliefs.


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