About Dr. Roy A. Teel Jr.

Roy for Iron Eagle series dust jacketHello and thank you for visiting NarroWay Press, an imprint of NarroWay Publishing LLC. I am pleased to share a little more about myself as both an author and a person.

I have been writing scholarly Christian works for close to a decade. My inspiration for these works comes from modern Christianity’s sometimes adverse affects on society. One of my goals is to bring new perspectives to my readers on the Bible and its authors. For the most part I focus on the New Testament as it is the text from which we get our beliefs, our understanding of Jesus as Messiah, and the Christian view of God.

We are living through what I consider to be The Twenty-First Century Dark Age of Religion. Christianity as a whole changes almost daily, and its tentacles of control run deeply into all Americans’ daily lives — Christian or not. I write in the hope of giving my readers a new perspective on old ideas. In the end, in all schools of religious thought, the things we believe are taken on faith. The theologian can no more prove that God exists than the atheist can prove that He does not. This struggle to find the truth is millennia old, and the world seems so adverse to truth. What I have found as I study is that there is no absolute truth outside of the inevitability of death. Religion and philosophy are really not far separated. Through my writings I seek to give my philosophy on life, God, and organized religion (although the phrase is an oxymoron as there is no organization to religion in any way, shape, or form).

RegardDr. Teeling my fictional works, I have been writing fiction the better part of my life, from short stories and poetry to full-length novels. I write fiction because in the writing there is more reality than fiction. When I am writing fiction I am free to explore any subject that I like, and as the author I allow my characters to take me to places I could never reach in the real world. I hope that readers will be entertained and enlightened, while at the same time escaping the day-to-day by entering into new worlds that unlock the secrets of their own imaginations.

Through the years I have been asked about the biggest influences on me as a writer; I think some of the answers will surprise you.

Non-Fiction Scholarly Inspirations:

  • C. S. Lewis
  • A. A. Hodge
  • Henry C. Thiessen
  • John Spong
  • Harold Bloom
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
  • Dante Alighieri
  • Plato
  • Homer
  • Aristotle
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Alexandre Dumas
  • Arthur Koestler
  • and many, many others.
Fiction Inspirations:

  • Charles Dickens
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • John Steinbeck
  • John Milton
  • Leo Tolstoy
  • Scott Turow
  • Thomas Harris
  • Michael Crichton
  • and many, many, more.

Music is also a source of inspiration. Music, the mover of my soul, has driven me to write a great many works. I have been a drummer for over three decades. When I was diagnosed with MS in 1995, I was paralyzed on my right side. My days of playing drums were over — or so I thought. In the past few years I have been able to get back most of the use of my right side, and while I can’t play like I used to, I play drums in my home almost every night. So I don’t drive my lovely wife and friendly neighbors crazy, I have a 5-piece Remo electronic drum set which allows me to play with headphones and my iPod.

I have been inspired by many, many musical groups…but none has inspired me more than the rock group Rush, especially their drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. Rush’s music and Peart’s lyrics carried me through some of the most emotionally charged periods of my life. Peart’s wisdom also helped me see, as a young man, that I did not have to conform to what my friends did or give in to peer pressure. I owe him a debt of gratitude for his inspiration, and for his words in helping me stay away from drugs, alcohol and other deadly vices (although today I do enjoy sharing a great glass of scotch with a friend over some good conversation).

Thank you again for visiting NarroWay Press. In 2009 we plan to release another book of short stories and my first novel.

Roy & TracyRoy Teel lives in Southern California with his wife Tracy, who is an author with Finishing Line Press. They believe strongly in seizing the day: Carpé diem!