Midwest Book Review for “Evil and the Details”


The Midwest Book Review, November 14, 2015. By, Shirley Priscilla Johnson, Senior Reviewer.
“Evil and the Details” Book two, in the Iron Eagle crime novel series.
Evil-and-The-Details In this read we are taken to Los Angeles, where a serial killer is capturing young teenage boys and doing horrible things to them before he kills them. The entire city of protective agencies is alerted, from agents from the FBI to Special Agents from the Sheriff’s Office and even one called, The Iron Eagle, who battles evil his way and is not appreciated by the conventional law enforcers. Is there one lone killer or is something happening that is more than anyone expected? The Plot thickens.
I really lost myself in this story. Yes, it is a bit gruesome but the author does a great job in getting you involved with what is happening and the different characters. I found the different characters to be well defined making them very real to life in the mind’s eye. It can be at times quiet morbid and sobering, sad and upsetting, yet it is that pull on the emotions that keeps you motivated to move on in hopes of an end. Throwing in ‘The Iron Eagle,’ I feel was a good move on the author’s part. I found myself cheering for him, even though he works outside of the law, his vengeance on evil was appreciated.
I really enjoyed this read and am looking forward to the continued story. Well done, Mr. Teel, keep them coming.

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