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Our goal is to help intellectually rejuvenate our readers. As seekers of truth and knowledge, our mission is to bring what Nietzsche called “the luxury of skepticism” to those who have faith. Faith, if secure, can be challenged and enhanced by alternative ideas and philosophies while maintaining its integrity; those who allow themselves to question grow during their journey through life, while those who don’t, spend their lives in a philosophical Plato’s Cave.

One of the key principles expressed in Doctor Teel’s writing in relation to God and religion is that religion exists for itself; it was created by man to control man. It is an immensely powerful tool, and in the wrong hands can be deadly as we have seen throughout history. Doctor Teel is a secularist. He believes in a God of logic but not a God of religion. Ultimately, the more we question, the more strongly we are able to stand on our own two feet without religion’s mysticism.

There are no direct answers about life and the universe, which are complex riddles that can only be understood through considerable thought and investigation. Therefore, we seek to open a world that allows readers to experience the work of Dr. Teel and future authors while indulging in new views and opinions. While there will never be total agreement on society’s varied subjects, these topics are well worth talking and learning about. We gain knowledge by asking questions, and one way to get answers to some questions is by reading.

We hope that you will come back to visit us often to see what is new in the world of alternative celestial thought. Dr. Roy A. Teel Jr. will present his views and opinions on a litany of matters and will answer readers’ questions via email and his blog. We look forward to your feedback as NarroWay Press continues to grow and, in time, signs on other authors with views and opinions that challenge you to expand your mind and your faith.

“Religion gives God a bad name”

— Dr. Roy A. Teel Jr.
Iron Eagle Series
Iron Eagle Series Books
A Los Angeles Crime Series

In 2014, Roy began publishing his latest and largest project – a 30-book geographically-centered hard boiled, mystery, suspense, thriller crime series: “The Iron Eagle Series.”


Books by Dr. Roy A. Teel Jr.

And God Laughed

Imagine that you had the opportunity to speak to God and ask Him any questions that you like? That’s exactly what happens to Justin, after a visit to a local book sale in his small mountain town. The question put forward is quizzical for his mind and emotions when he reads a book title, “Does God Exist?”…

Against The Grain

Against the Grain takes you inside the mega-church machine. It dissects the structure of these monolithic temples (claimed to be dedicated to God) and shows them for what they really are: huge mega-businesses that survive by using fear, guilt and psychological terror to control their followers…

The Light of Darkness

When Roy Teel tells a story he tells it with passion and emotional candor. Eavesdrop on the conversation betlofdcoverween young lovers embroiled in the bitter decision to end a pregnancy; follow the boy (now man) left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life to keep a promise made years earlier…

The Way, The Truth, and The Lies

The Way, the Truth, and the Lies cuts through oft-repeated myths to reveal a remarkably human Jesus. It breaks down the walls that have separated believers from non-believers to show Jesus’ true message to humanity — a message so simple and so pure that He had to die for teaching it…

Dr. Roy A. Teel Jr.

Hello and thank you for visiting NarroWay Press, an imprint of NarroWay Publishing LLC. I am pleased to share a little more about myself as both an author and a person.

I have been writing scholarly Christian works for close to a decade. My inspiration for these works comes from modern Christianity’s sometimes adverse affects on society. One of my goals is to bring new perspectives to my readers on the Bible and its authors. For the most part I focus on the New Testament as it is the text from which we get our beliefs, our understanding of Jesus as Messiah, and the Christian view of God…

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